Advanced 3D Modeling and Printing

In-Person STEAM Workshops July 11- July 15
WEEKDAYS 2pm to 4pm-

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This workshop is only open to students 10-14 years old who have completed the beginner 3D modeling and printing workshop. Contact us if you believe this requirement should be waived for your child. If you are looking for the adult 3D printing and modeling workshop, please click here.

What students will learn

  • How to design more complicated pieces using TinkerCad, such as pieces that snap, twist, slide and articulate together.
  • The difference between an STL file and gcode, and how to use a slicing software to convert an STL into machine readable gcode.
  • How to modify and adjust the quality of a print with speed, layer height and infill.
  • How to use a skirt, brim, raft, and supports during printing to achieve desired results.
  • How to perform post print processing, such as the removal of supports, sanding, heating, and painting.

Program Calendar

July 11 – July 15 , 2022
5 classes, 10 hours

Fees and Enrolment

Upon registration, you will be asked to pay the full 160 USD to reserve your child’s place in the workshop.

Workshops have a maximum of 8 places. If the workshop is full, you will be refunded in full.

Once your space has been confirmed, if you need to cancel your registration for any reason, a refund will be provided if another student is able to fill the space.

COVID Precautions

All of our educators are fully vaccinated with boosters and wear masks during the workshops.

Courses are limited to maximum 8 students, students must wear masks and eat/drink outside when possible.

What students will do

  • Students will participate in trial and error 3D printing to analyze the effects of various slicing settings on print outcomes.
  • Students will design an object which requires higher level CAD to solve a real-world problem, slice their design, and print it with plastic filament.
  • Students will practice bed leveling, bed cleaning, calibration, and finalize their own 3D prints.
  • Students will get to keep their object(s) at the end of the workshop.
  • Students will be guided in these workshops by two experienced STEAM professionals, Brittney and Dagan.

Snacks and water will be provided for students

Program Location

This set workshops will take place at Insight Co-Learning Center* in Durham, located adjacent to the Scrap Exchange Thrift Store.

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*The Insight Co-Learning Center is a school that offers teens the opportunity to deeply explore who they are and who they want to become . Click below to learn more!

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