Adult 3D Modeling and Printing

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What students learn

  • How to use 2D side and front view images and 3D images with isometric graphing paper to flesh out a prototype design idea
  • How to use the 3D modelling software, TinkerCad, to create models of varying complexity (including objects that snap, twist, slide, and articulate together)
  • The difference between an STL file and gcode, and how to use a slicing software to convert an STL into machine readable gcode.
  • How to modify and adjust the quality of a print with speed, layer height and infill.
  • How to use a skirt, brim, raft, and supports during printing to achieve desired results.
  • How to perform post print processing, such as the removal of supports, sanding, heating, and painting.

What students do

  • Students will design 3D objects to solve real-world problems.
  • Students will participate in trial and error 3D printing to analyze the effects of various slicing settings on print outcomes.
  • Students will practice bed leveling, bed cleaning, calibration, and finalize their own 3D prints.
  • Students will get to keep their object(s) at the end of the workshop.

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