Gearing up!

Our ‘Gearing up’ program allows students to track their progress of skill development by earning badges which can unlock more advanced programs!


When students take our workshops, they gain important skills in Maker and STE(A)M education. As students master these core-competencies, they build important foundations for more complex skills and knowledge.

Upon completion of our workshops, the acquisition of these skills are acknowledged through the badges in our Gearing Up! program.


Mastery Gears

Students who take our workshops are given a badge stand where they can collect their foundational badges, and unlock access to more advanced workshops so they can continue to acquire mastery in a given field of interest.

As foundational skills are achieved, students are awarded with another gear, which represents their mastery in a given field.

Example of Gearing up! for a Mastery in Robotics with The Maker Academy

Interested in earning badges?!

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