Our programs aim to inspire creativity and promote problem solving

Our Approach

We have designed maker-driven, hands-on workshops where students explore STEM concepts. Our unique programs are inquiry-based and developed with tasks and challenges that require students to solve problems and create relevant and real-world applicable projects.

We have small class sizes (maximum 8 students) with 2 teachers per class to maximize individual time with the instructors.

  • critical thinking
  • innovation
  • design thinking
  • problem solving
  • independent thinking
  • creativity
  • resilience
  • growth

Programs offered

The programs we currently offer are listed in the table below with links to their corresponding informational pages. Not all programs are offered all the time, but an overview of our upcoming programs can be found below. If your child is interested in taking a workshop that is not currently being offered, please feel free to contact us, and we can put you on our programs mailing list which will notify you when programs are offered.

Program TitleBrief DescriptionLink to more informationAge RangeTotal HoursCost (USD)
Beginner 3D Modeling and PrintingIntroduction to 3D drafting and prototype design. Practice with CAD software, and overview of how 3D printing works. 3D printed objects prepared for students by instructors.Beginner 3D10-1410160
Advanced 3D Modeling and PrintingAdvanced prototype design of functional objects with CAD software and conversion of computer readable files to printer readable files. Introduction to modifying 3D printed parameters and independently printing 3D objects. Advanced 3D10-1410160
Adult 3D Modeling and PrintingIntroduction to 3D drafting and prototype design. Practice with CAD software, conversion of computer readable files to printer readable files, and introduction to modifying 3D printed parameters to independently print 3D objects with PLA filament. Adult 3DAdult6100
Art MachinesIntroduction to converting types of movement (such a horizontal rotation to a vertical rotation) using cams, shafts, cam followers, and cranks. Students integrate this learned movement to create a piece of moving art. Beginner Mechanics10-14695
Light-it-upIntroduction to circuit types and varying conductive materials to create objects that light up: including cards, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and clothing. Beginner Circuitry10-1410160

Our upcoming programs

Age group: Adults (ages 18+)
Dates: July 26, 28, and 30
Days/Times: Tuesday and Thursday evening 6pm-8pm, Saturday afternoon 2pm-4pm
Where: Insight Colearning Center, Durham
Price: 100 USD per adult

For more detailed information and to register, click the link below:


(919) 391-5697